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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

Aka Siro; Collingwood.

Aka Siro

106 Cambridge Street



Now I’m a tiny bit cross. How long has everyone known about Aka Siro and not told me about it. This gorgeous little piece of Japan tucked away in a quiet corner of Collingwood. On a prior breakfast outing at South of Johnston, we had noticed this quaint little spot, and I am kicking myself for not returning sooner. The housemade lemonade from this huge jar, with lemon peels & delicious sweet lemon wedges and rich with honey. Non carbonated, finally. And to start, edamame with a light sprinkling of sea salt.


minchi katsu // karaage // rice mixed w eel // buta kimchi

Home away from home, except I do not have a six burner stove or a deep fryer. From where we were we could see everything he plated and we will be back for that marinated pork belly with sumac, sake & honey lemon.

Our pan fried pork belly with spicy kimchi and bbq sauce, with a bowl of soft fluffy grains, can I upsize this plate please.

The fried goods - chicken thigh and the special a beef and pork mince patty, both piping hot and crisp on the outside, juicy & tender within. 

If you love unadon, treat yourself to a bowl of the hitsumabushi instead of white rice. 

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