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Babka Bakery; Fitzroy.

Babka Bakery

358 Brunswick Street



grilled kransky, sauerkraut, seeded eggloaf bun w dijon // ricotta hotcakes, blackberries, vanilla mascarpone & pistachio praline

Bit of an institution on Brunswick Street. I’ve been spending a lot of time at Babka. It seems that every other day I’m indulging in one of their pastries - be it the chocolate croissant, almond croissant, sticky shoo fly buns (!) and a coffee. And their breakfasts are, just gorgeous. 

With this brioche-like eggloaf lightly sweet bun, the kransky is juicy and delicious with sauerkraut. I nearly went with their french toast, after having had the ricotta hotcakes at Proud Mary which were quite dense and no one was fighting for seconds. But this was fluffy light with a savoury note, thicker than a pancake would be but still light. Stained with blackberries, and a light mascarpone cream and crunchy pistachio praline. The hotcakes just soaked up the mascarpone & the blackberries. My brunch companion on both occasions, is Latvian and he adored the ricotta hotcakes at Babka, high praise as it reminded him of his mum’s. 


Monday is an extra gloomy day as they are closed on Mondays. And I’ve found myself at their doorstep on so many Mondays simply because I had a huge craving for a pastry. But there is always Tuesday yes. The fruit compote a little too sweet, and yet I still chose to finish up on a chocolate croissant.

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