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Nobu; Southbank.


Crown Complex

8 Whiteman Street



yellowtail sashimi w jalapeno // sashimi tacos w yellowtail, lobster, snow crab, salmon // otoro special

It might possibly be the gorgeous uni sushi we ordered by the piece that did it for us, or the tuna belly special, but we were finally choosing the right plates at Nobu and Nobu was winning us over. It’s been a while since Nobu, but we found ourselves veering towards the same plates, recognising it only as it arrived. The yellowtail, fresh and sweet with mild heat and tang from the jalapeno and ponzu. Out of the dainty tacos, my favourite was the snow crab, with cold tomato salsa.

A special for the night, lightly seared on the base, fatty and oily, literally melting away in your mouth, with mushrooms, peas, olive & caviar. The tuna belly was consistently and beautifully marbled.


japanese scallop // sea eel // uni // toro tartar wasabi soy & caviar

Less taken by the toro tartar this time around, almost unrefined after that special.

The sea eel was so soft and fresh, the japanese scallop sweet & plump. But that sea urchin, by far one of the best I’ve had in a while. We had seconds. We were told it would be very fresh and true to form it was sensational - firm yet creamy, mildly sweet.


pork belly kakuni w spicy mustard miso // nobu rib w aji panca tomato gastrique // squid pasta w light garlic sauce

The tender slippery squid with buttery mushrooms and the marbled rib with sweet corn & the gastrique on the outside like a BBQ sauce, falls apart, but we’ve had these before. Round tomatoes on the vine, with a drizzle of olive oil.

The pork belly was really out of this world. It’s soft, slippery, the meat so moist and the fat just melts. As a bite it’s like a hot knife gliding through butter, seamlessly through the skin to fat to pork.

I will be coming back for the omakase. How did I not discover you sooner.

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