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♡ Make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

Builders Arms Hotel; Collingwood.

Builders Arms Hotel

211 Gertrude Street



olive toast, ortiz anchovy, pepper // whipped cod roe // fish pie

There was Cutler & Co, Golden Fields yesterday, let’s make it three in a row shall we. I don’t believe I’ve ever been here without the fish pie or the whipped cod roe being on the table. 

Crisp toast, with olive paste, briny anchovy and pepper made for a good start. And that luxe whipped cod roe with the hot toasty soldiers that I have spoken of again and again, always good for sharing.


slow cooked lamb // steamed ginger pudding & rhubarb

The flaky puff pastry conceals steaming hot smoked trout, prawns & rockling. The slow cooked lamb was tender, with soft eggplant with the barest amount of spice and brightened by the pickles in a make your own wrap concept with a stack of chickpea pancakes.

The pudding was moist & fluffy, with little bites of candied ginger, and a jug of silky custard with flecks of vanilla bean.


The rotisserie, only available after 6pm, a different one each night. I was there on a Monday, so you’re looking at milk fed lamb. But baby goat is on for tonight.

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