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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

Golden Fields; St Kilda.

Golden Fields

2/157 FItzroy Street

St Kilda


duckfish, salmon roe, scud chilli, ginger & lime // grilled octopus, kimchi bean sprouts // lobster roll

Hot on the heels of our night out at Cutler & Co, back to our favourite, with a couple of new dishes. That octopus was ridiculously tender, a fragrant char with spicy kimchi of beanshoots. Duckfish with bright notes of lime & ginger, and pops of roe. We all know and love that divine lobster roll. Perfectly poached crayfish, buttery soft brioche buns and kewpie. 


soft shell mud crab roll // twice cooked duck // spicy cape grim beef cheek, tofu, pickled cucumber, fried shallot

Add some soft shell mud crab to the midst and yet another stellar roll is born (but the lobster still takes top pick). The twice cooked duck is another permanent feature on our table. The cape grim beef cheek was tender enough with some heat, but the soft silky lamb shoulder with salted lemon still takes the cake.

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