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The Woods of Windsor; Windsor.

The Woods of Windsor

108 Chapel Street



forest mushroom tart, spiced yoghurt, chestnut puree, watercress // courgette fondant, hot goats curd centre, beer & malt crumb, caper & raisin puree

The Woods of Windsor does an express lunch on Fridays & Saturdays, and on Sundays, what else but Sunday roast. Roast beef was on duty when we were there, but we were intrigued by their menu.

The mushroom tart, with assorted mushrooms, was dainty with a spiced yoghurt and this flaky housemade puff pastry. We were told the pastry shell is rolled out everyday and made to order.

We had a celeriac fondant in an apple consomme at Enoteca a few nights ago (post to follow), quite different to the one here, a hollowed out courgette with a crisp batter of beer & malt crumb, and a molten hot goat’s curd that spilt out. Finished with a trail of capers & raisin & olives. 


otway pork neck, quince, savoy cabbage, baby turnips, crackle

The pork neck had been sous vide and roasted, with this divine jus, soaked up by the savoy cabbage and that wonderfully crisp delicious crackling.


lemon crumble, lemon posset, cheese cream sorbet, granita

A deconstructed sweet to finish. The lemonade granita is quite startling, taking up a fair bit of the glass. But as you progress through the dessert, it cuts through the creaminess of the tart and has you going back for more. I think back to the Meyer lemon tart I had at Albert St Food & Wine a while back, and as gorgeous as it was, I couldn’t finish one on my own. With this, oh I definitely could. There’s the lemon curd at the base, bright and tangy, and the salty sweet crumble with cinnamon spices & almond, a creamy cheese sorbet within, and as a mouthful it works well, despite having to crunch through the ice.

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