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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

Madame Sousou; Fitzroy.


ground grass fed black angus sirloin on brioche // pain perdu - french toast almond, chocolate & raisin brioche w cinnamon sugar

I’ve been eating around Fitzroy a fair bit, think Breakfast Thieves, Vegie Bar, Grub Hole, Industry Beans, quick coffees at Grace. Madame Sousou does breakfast right through to lunch then dinner, and they do it well.

The brioche buns on the sousou burger, buttery and toasty, with a wonderfully tender patty (grass fed, natch) and this tangy sauce gribiche with bits of egg. And those delightful pickles. Speaking of pickles, let me tell you about these divine fried pickles I had at Belle’s Diner tomorrow.

My pain perdu, (too light on the chocolate for a chocolate fiend like me) but oh that light dreamy creme anglaise which I drizzled liberally, coating my buttery brioche french toast with those sweet baked apples.

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