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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

Anada; Fitzroy.


197 Gertrude Street



We weren’t able to get a table at Movida Hosier Lane on short notice, so we tried our luck at Anada for tapas. Dark & rather intimate, what’s not to love - lots of little bites and bigger dishes to share. Oh and drinks, lots of drinks.


boquerones // queso manchego w quince // bone marrow on toast w wagyu cecina

Curious to see how they would stack up against Movida’s anchoa, I was naturally drawn to the boquerones with palmitos & quindilla peppers, but we found it quite overpowering. My favourite of the night - lush fatty marrow with salty air cured wagyu on soft buttery toast. Amazing.


house smoked mussels // lamb ribs w harissa // padron // wild mushroom & garlic shoot croqueta // braised oxtail empanadilla

The charcoal grilled lamb ribs were really quite tender, similar to those fall off the bone lamb ribs at Ms G’s. The mussels from spring bay tasmania were tender, with a crumb on top for texture. The empanadilla, with piping hot pastry and tender oxtail within was more-ish. 

As always, the padron peppers flew off the plate far too quickly and another took its place soon enough.


organic lamb forequarters (tarwin lower, vic) slow cooked in milk

The lamb forequarters, slow cooked in milk, resulted in this milky broth, rich with lamb, perfect with those baby turnips. 


arroz negro - squid ink paella w calamari, prawns, mussels & trevally

The paella, being quite the diva, takes half an hour, but I assure you is well worth the wait. Fragrant and rich with squid ink, with acidity from the lemon. The seafood slightly inconsistent but everyone was fixated on the paella, myself included.

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