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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

Golden Fields; St Kilda.

Golden Fields

2/157 Fitzroy Street

St Kilda


oysters // kingfish, salmon roe, scud chilli, ginger & lime

Everything Andrew McConnell touches has a cult following. Cumulus Up & Moon Under Water posts to follow soon.

Golden Fields is one of my fail-safes. They customised a menu for us, and kindly obliged with any changes & additions.


tuna, oyster cream, pickled shiitake // rottnest island scallops, avocado, apple & miso

The raw dishes were just spectacular, that cool kingfish with bright bursts of roe & heat from the chilli, the fresh tuna made rich with the oyster cream, and the sweetness of the  scallop with apple. 


new england lobster roll, hot buttered bun, cold poached crayfish, watercress & kewpie // twice cooked duck, steamed bread, vinegar & plum sauce

There will always be a double order of one or the other, or both. The warm buttery buns, with the plump supple lobster & everyone’s favourite kewpie. The duck is moist & juicy within, with a crunchy coat. 


slow roast lamb shoulder, cumin seed, salted lemon // sher wagyu rump cap, cauliflower, mustard leaf

The lamb shoulder was divine. It fell apart too easily, and that salted lemon had us going back for more. The sear on the rump cap left it beautifully pink, holding its own. With sides of sauteed greens & the chrysanthemum leaf salad.


peanut butter parfait, salted caramel & soft chocolate // raspberries, white chocolate, tapioca & yuzu

The peanut butter parfait was sheer decadence, the salted caramel rich, and the soft chocolate was the ultimate indulgence, with textures of peanuts. We sought relief in the brightness of the yuzu & those rosy raspberries, with refreshing tapioca pearls.

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