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Sepia; Sydney.


201 Sussex Street



Admittedly I was a world away during this dinner service, but this didn’t detract from the intricacy of the exquisite plating at Sepia. From start to finish, each course is visually enchanting.


'reverse tuna nigiri'

Our amuse, a reverse nigiri of soft tuna, with soy wasabi jelly, finished with puffed sushi rice. 


kampachi yellowtail, yukari, sheep yoghurt, tonburi, celery, baby radish pickled, seaweed, spiced duck skin

Both the yellowtail & the yellow fin tuna were gorgeous to behold. 

The components were endless, I wasn’t entirely convinced of its cohesiveness, but the yellowtail slivers were fresh, with sheep’s milk yoghurt & crisp duck skin.


sashimi of yellow fin tuna, jamon iberico, poached quail egg, white soy jelly dashi onion cream, tasmanian wasabi, puffed buckwheat, red elk

The tuna presents as a cube, but is composed of delicate perfect slices - cool & fresh, separated by the bold jamon sheets. With textures of the buckwheat, that deliciously velvety onion cream, the rich quail egg, with the barest hint of heat from the wasabi.


butter poached port lincoln squid, barley miso cured egg yolk, lemon wild woodland sorrel

A simpler plate, but that butter poached squid - imagine these white tendrils unravelling in your mouth, it’s warm, buttery & slow on its own. Ridiculously tender, with the creamy yolk making this plate that much richer. The hints of lemon brightens up this slow sensuous dish.


charcoal smoked freshwater eel, yuzu curd, green almonds, tapioca, licorice watercress & nasturtium

The eel soft sticky & smoky, simply divine, with acidity from the yuzu curd for brightness and puffed rice for texture. 


saikyo miso braised pork belly, spanner crab, corella pear, pickled water chestnuts, crackling, garlic flowers

The pork belly, rich with miso, is incredibly tender & luscious, and falls apart easily. The sweet spanner crab and stewed sweet pears made for a convincing pairing with the pork belly, credit has to go to the miso. With textures of crunchy crackling.


seared david blackmore wagyu beef, nameko mushroom, barletta onion, red onion juice, tasmanian wasabi, fried potato & kombu crumb, citrus soy

The sear on the beef was perfect. Rolled up, yet each bite ridiculously tender. Textures of juicy mushrooms & the crisp fried potato crumb for crunch, and a thick citrus soy glaze.


pre dessert

Creamy thick white chocolate spiced with ginger, wonderfully rich, yet lightened by the orange, carrot & hibiscus granita.


white peach rose, rose water jelly, peach custard cream, almond sable yoghurt & almond sugar

I could not bear to destroy the white peach rosette. Delicately twirled on white peach custard cream & an almond tuile disc. 


'spring chocolate forest' - soft chocolate, hazelnut & almond praline, rose geranium cream, sour cherry sorbet, blackberry jellies, green tea, licorice, chocolate twigs, crystallised fennel fronds

The forest on the other hand, spectacular to behold & to eat. The crumb - a bed of twigs, praline, chocolate - salty sweet & crunchy. WIth hints of licorice & rose, and a refreshing sour cherry sorbet to renew the palate for the decadence of that gorgeous soft chocolate.

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