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Momofuku Seiobo; Pyrmont.

Momofuku Seiobo

80 Pyrmont Street



smoked eel, freeze dried apple // pink snapper, celery // pork bun

It’s been a while since dinner at Momofuku Seiobo, this time we managed to sneak a spot at their lunch service. A simpler affair, but with equal finesse.

We start with the smoky warm eel, with the thinnest crisp wafer & clear apple puree with freeze dried apple shavings. The steamed bun sweet & fluffy with soft pork belly is a constant. This time, we had the pink snapper, wonderfully fresh.


potato, pomelo // slow cooked egg, onion mustard

The potato rounds are crisp & fragrant from being cooked in beef fat, and fluffy floury within. Contrasting sharply with the herbaceous watercress puree & black bean. Cleansed by the petals of pomelo.

The slow cooked yolk, creamy & rich against the harshness of the rough crisp, smudges of herring roe, and a trio of zucchini - ribbons, the flower & a gorgeous puree.


raw lamb, sour cherries, buttermilk, anchovies

The raw lamb - a first for me, was delightful. The bright bold colours leapt out at us and I was just as taken by the flavours. You have the soft folds of raw lamb, the anchovies were of the sea, sweet plump cherries, caramelised golden nuggets of buttermilk for a creamy crunch, black bean crumbs and a buttermilk base & sprigs of chevril to finish.


hapuka, black garlic, white asparagus // short rib, eggplant, seaweed

Steamed, the hapuka was silky, soft & supple. Glistening with perfection, with tender white asparagus and acidity from the pickled kohlrabi. The deep fried short rib was as remembered - a sensational cut, juicy fragrant and rich with the burnt eggplant giving it a smokiness and an added oily fattiness.


pre cheese // honey cream, muntries, toasted milk // donut with pork fat caramel

The pre cheese was precious - goat’s curd all musky & creamy, stained pink by the blackcurrant. Sweet, sour salty notes.

The dessert was wonderfully light - the muntries quite dull & sweet were brightened by the toasted milk - a milky crumb and this gorgeous golden honey cream. Sweet pear slices to finish.

To close, the softest fluffiest donut, dusted with sugar and oozing with a rich pork fat caramel. 

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