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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

Momofuku Seiobo; Pyrmont.


Momofuku Seiobo’s notorious booking system - truthfully either it’s made out to be a lot tougher than it is, or we were incredibly blessed. I was tasked with making our booking and it had to be Saturday dinner. Bracing myself for the worst - especially when they logged me out at 10am(!), I was relieved to see green ticks all round. 

Unaware that you could request to sit by the counter while making your booking, we were again lucky enough that they could accommodate us with the last two spare seats at the counter. Sleek, dark & vast - I had high hopes for what lay ahead.


snacks: blood // nori // kimchi // smoked eel

From the top left, crisp puffed nori of the sea with a cool smoky tangy roe, crisp wafer , smoky eel & freeze dried apple foam, soft pillowy mochi, quite thick and dense to bite, with a shiitake emulsion, and lastly sounding more daunting than it looks & tastes - pig’s blood with pickled walnut.


steamed bun - pork cucumber hoisin

Our first juice pairing, was a clean crisp watermelon juice.

The buns, were soft to touch, and equally so with the soft fatty pork belly. Did it blow my mind? Not so much. It’s a great bite, with clean cucumber, almost sweet bun, but I had high expectations, watching them fuss over the bamboo steamers and of course, David Chang’s pork belly buns are notoriously amazing. 

I had mine with plenty of hot sauce.


striped trumpeter, celery, mustard

Hailing from Tasmania, the cool striped trumpeter was dressed with fresh celery & a light kick from the mustard cress. 


scallop & rhubarb

The Kangaroo Island scallops were astonishingly fresh - creamy & sweet. The acidity from the rhubarb, almost like the purple cabbage. It felt a little disconnected - I don’t know if the scallops were creamy enough for it.


marron, courgette, black garlic

The Western Australian marron was gorgeously plump with textures of zucchini - grilled, the vibrant flowers, the ribbons were rubbed with lemon juice and the smear of puree. The black garlic was incredibly mild, but it added colour and a flavour to this course.


wagyu, radish, fermented black bean

The intricate lotus blossom of radish rounds, painstakingly put together one by one before our eyes, is gorgeous to behold. The wagyu, is beautifully marbled and rich, in a dark fragrant smoky black bean sauce. 

The beetroot juice was polarising - sweet potent & earthy. A rich velvety plum, naturally it would be paired with beef. Its earthiness remarkably lessened with the beef, rich like a red.


potato, quandong, bottarga

The velvety confit potato rounds were perfectly cooked, with salty mullet roe, sour chewy quandongs, the minerality of the green watercress & its puree and chicken jus. A most unusual pairing of ingredients, the harmony hints at the thought that goes beyond the simple unpretentious plates.


quail, cauliflower, caramelised yoghurt

Apple & fennel - incredibly clear.

Wrapped in careless thick ribbons of pickled kohlrabi, just enough to cut through, cleanse & refresh after each mouthful of the roasted quail, gorgeously pink & gamey, with crisp skin, slightly fatty. The hazelnuts went hand in hand. 


congee, ham, yolk

Aside from the marron, this was another highlight of the night for me. Similar to the nasi lemak at Iggy’s, the simplicity of the ingredients in conjunction with the familiar flavours & childhood memories the dish conjures up, it won me over.

Bites of serrano jamon in the congee, with fresh fluffy donut rounds. A sheet of cured yolk, glazes over, almost translucent as they pour the earl grey & chicken jus. The earl grey tea is potent and yet you barely notice it, the flavour comes when you look for it, and it subsides when you focus on the other components. Incredibly light and delicate.


pink snapper, periwinkle, chrysanthemum

Paired with a sweet carrot.

The steamed snapper is fresh & pristine, with young garlic puree and the softest curls of periwinkles.


pork, eggplant, kombu

For those who don’t take beef, a tender pork neck.

Paired with blackcurrant juice.


short rib, eggplant, kombu

The deep fried short rib was spectacular. It was perfectly marbled, had the crisp caramelisation on the outside yet remarkably juicy and tender. Look at the gorgeous neat strips. With burnt eggplant notes.


c2, honey licorice, bee pollen

Taking the standard cheese course & giving it a twist, with feather light Bruny Island C2 cheese ribbons almost heaped like a bed of hay, a honey comb matrix of sticky honey, licorice & star anise nougatine, with cider jelly and more bites of honey below. It’s gorgeously light. 


blueberry, passionfruit, long pepper

Shards of white chocolate meringue, the blueberry ice cream is sensational - rich & a spectacular shade of deep violet, with a passionfruit foam & salty crumble. A play on textures and flavours.

Paired with a mandarin juice, its bitterness comes through nicely against the sweetness of the treats. It almost breaks the monotony of the purely sweet elements of the dish.


potato, muntries

The potato ice cream is most divine, wonderfully creamy. Alone, the flavour is not particularly discernible, but paired with the salty crispy potato chips - the ice cream takes on a salty edge. Salty sweet flavours & creamy crispy textures.


glazed pork shoulder

Going all out for the wow factor, we finish off with a sweet luscious pork shoulder, eaten with our hands. 

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