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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

Royal Mail Hotel Bistro; Dunkeld.

Royal Mail Hotel Bistro

98 Parker Street



green risotto of spring vegetables // pancetta & calamari, globe artichokes, radish & fried bread

The Royal Mail Hotel tonight, the Bistro for lunch. The artichokes are tender yet firm, the calamari remarkably supple with smoky pancetta slivers & sweet radishes, and crunchy house baked bread pieces.


slow cooked egg, salt fish & mussels, potato & fish crackling // roasted bone marrow, eggplant & white miso, salad of pickled vegetables // angus short rib cooked overnight, charred potato, horseradish & broccoli // flinders island salt grass lamb, charred onions, broad bean, mint & lemon balm

I’ll start with the top left - that yolk broke beautifully, with crispy fish crackilng for texture, the slow creaminess of the potatoes & the fresh briny mussels.

The marrow was equally splendid - rich & slippery, with an earthy beet & radish for a gorgeous contrast.

The larger dishes paled in comparison to the smaller plates. The lamb was soft gamey & juicy, and the rib was fragrant with a good glaze.

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