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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

Hare & Grace; Melbourne CBD.

Hare and Grace
525 Collins Street


spring mojito // aperol spritz

Hare & Grace with its roaring fireplace is particularly snug during the winter months. And yet finds its place easily in the warmer months with its ice cold cocktails.


macaroni n cheese croquettes // potato skins 

Crisp crackly potato skins with a creamy parmesan chilli mayo, more aioli than mayo.


grilled scallops, garlic mayo, breadcrumbs  // roast pork belly, pickled pineapple, celery, wood ear mushroom, coriander

Never one to go past scallops, these were plump with a light cloud of garlic mayo & roughness from the breadcrumbs with acidity from the squeeze of lemon.


beef and mushroom pot pie shoe string fries

Allow for 20 minutes.


crispy chicken schnitzel, spiced barley salad // duck confit salad

The confit duck was wonderfully crisp, its saltiness offset by all the other components of clean beanshoots, cucumber & carrots, sweet grapefruit, crunch of peanuts & spongey floss. With underlying heat from the chilli it was a dish with many components yet worked well.

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