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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

Bistro Vue; Melbourne CBD.

201Bistro Vue
430 Collins Street


Bistro Vue has to be one of my favourite French restaurants in Melbourne. In the same way Shiranui has delivered on every one of my omakase encounters, Bistro Vue is equally flawless


moreton bag bugs with herb emulsion

Plump & always perfectly cooked. 


morels, duck egg yolk & smoked cream cheese

The morels were sensational, sauteed with clarified butter - juicy & rich, matched by the decadence of the slow cooked duck yolk, a gorgeous smoky cream cheese, strewn with garlic flower blossoms.


courgette flower, capsicum puree, goat’s cheese 

Done two ways, the battered flower on a vibrant puree & a courgette bowl filled with goat’s cheese. The flower, disappointingly heavy.


steak tartare

I’ve put off ordering tartares after having the most divine kimchi tartare grass fed at Golden Fields. Bistro Vue has renewed my faith with this cold tartare which melts, with a fair amount of heat from the horseradish & quite literally a tartare flavour, the zing matched by the green baby gherkins on the side and textures of crisp potato criss-crosses.


giovanni fabbri seafood pasta

Pastas with a bite, fresh seafood & a rich bisque.


lamb, potato & onion

From the rotisserie, a gorgeously pink lamb leg, velvety sauteed potato with crisped leaves.

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