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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

Garagistes; Hobart.

103 Murray Street


Garagistes has been on my lust list for forever. In fact, my trip down was solely for this purpose, but Tasmania stole my heart. I foresee many blissful weekend getaways consisting of good food & absolute serenity.

The bread, from Pigeon Hole


steamed bruny island oyster, green almond vinegar emulsion, bay oil

Coles Bay & Bruny Island for briny oysters, freshly shucked.


char-grilled wagyu tongue, shungiku glaze, cold pressed mustard oil

Rough & tender, with an underlying heat & a sweet glaze.


garagistes pastrami, rye cracker, fermented cabbage, mayonnaise

Folds of tender pastrami on a crisp yet slow to bite rye cracker, acidity from the cabbage cutting through.


trumpeter & trevally

The special of silky striped trumpeter & silver trevally, with local grapefruit & its granita. The bold icy freshness of the granita, gave the raw strips of fish a warmth. 


char-grilled fatty lamb ribs, lemon, coriander seed & pepper dressing

When they say fatty, they literally mean copious amounts of fat. Terrifyingly so. Falling off the bone, with the aroma of lemon & pepper.


jerusalem artichoke, egg yolk, coffee, braised shiitakes, roasted hazelnuts

The artichoke duo - its skin, fried & crunchy, and soft sweet white flesh, with creamy yolk.


poached spanner crab, cauliflower, walnuts, periwinkles

Precious morsels of sweet spanner crab, poached periwinkles, the tiniest cauliflower florettes & two dimensional paper cutouts. Buttery soft curls of walnut shavings.

As we progress to the bigger plates, they speak volumes - this dish quietly light, the cauliflower cream giving it some weight. In stark contrast with the humbling earthiness of the artichoke dish of nuts, coffee & mushroom.


char-grilled cape grim short rib, spring garlic, alexanders, curds, cimi di rapa flowers

Off the bone, gelatinous & perfectly tender. With the softest goat’s curd. The dish is brightened by the hues of green, charred. And yet, the rib remains in the forefront, supported by the boldness of the scallions, the young garlic.


caramel pressed apple, laksa leaf burnt cream, frozen sable, brown butter curd

Arriving in a cloud of smoke, the sable shavings are cool & buttery, beneath we have jelly, curd & cream, of caramel, apple, brown butter. The elements, are given a lightness through its plating. 


lake pedder’s nectar honey ice cream, beer granita, salted walnuts, dried apricot

The next dessert, equally intriguing, this gorgeous moreish beer granita making perfect sense with the dried pickled apricots. A creamy honey ice cream, and salty walnuts. On their own, and together, each component marries well with all of its counterparts. 


I had a serious case of carrot envy, a first. The over wintered carrots, fenu greek & buttermilk emulsion, roasted seaweed reminded me of our nordic encounter at 41 Degrees, intended to be held by its green tops, eaten Bugs Bunny style. 

Fresh, simple & quality - Garagistes does a stellar job of encapsulating Tasmania in each of its plates.

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