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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

Pigeon Hole; West Hobart.

Pigeon Hole
93 Goulburn Street
West Hobart


Pigeon Hole is this glorious little cafe in Hobart. We have fantastic cafes in Melbourne, but having brunch with views of the mountains & the water in the distance, I daresay Pigeon Hole has an edge over most.


parsnip, leek & rye pangrattato 

A thick parsnip & leek soup, mild & sweet, with a fragrant olive oil drizzle & a crunchy pangrattato.


heidi farm raclette & onion agrodolce panini 

Hauntingly good, the panini is delectably crisp, with a ridiculously pungent & rich molten raclette and sweet caramelised onions.


croque monsieur 

Perfectly sound, but that raclette panini - I hope they never take it off the menu.


If that wasn’t convincing enough, Garagistes sources their bread from Pigeon Hole. 

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