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The Aviary; Richmond.

The Aviary
271 Victoria Street


fried smoked egg with oyster sauce, chilli & enoki mushroom ($6.5)

The Aviary almost transports you to a different time a different place. First and foremost a winebar, it’s a great place for a casual night out for drinks. But just beyond the winebar, there’s the dining room. A simple menu of tapas or bigger plates.

The fried egg has this gooey smoky rich yolk, good heat from the chilli, on a bed of juicy enoki.


mini pork belly banh mi ($7)

You bite through the trademark crunchy airy more-ish roll and glide through the pork belly - gelatinous & melt in your mouth. With sweet crunchy carrots and creamy mayo. A great viet roll, with pickled onion and cucumber for acidity.


spicy glazed beef rib fingers with potato & bacon lettuce wraps ($18)

As if the pork belly roll wasn’t divine enough, these beef rib fingers - sheer perfection. Gelatinous, falls apart spectacularly in your mouth, it’s sticky, it has those rough edges and a fragrant char, it’s luscious. Topped with caramelised onions, the lettuce wraps keeps it light and has you going back for more. The potato bacon salad was unnecessary and quite a heavy side, I thought it was a thai mango salad which I probably would have preferred. 


cured ocean trout with fried scallops, beetroot relish & pea ($29)

The dense pea puree was sweet mild and almost minty, and did a great job in providing contrast and relief from the heavily salted crispy-skinned ocean trout. The batter of the scallops was soft and heavy on the inside.

A great place for drinks and a bite, the ocean trout was the only one that fell short but those beef rib fingers were a knockout.

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