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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

Lui Bar; Melbourne CBD.

Lui Bar
525 Collins Street

link: vuedemone.com.au/theluibar


Lui Bar had the launch of its pop-up cocktail menu a few weeks back. The last time I was at Vue de Monde, we arrived just in time for our reservation and we were quite worn out from the near four hour affair. The last thing we wanted was a drink after the wine pairing. 


velvet rotor macadamia martini // south side car

We were greeted with a secret smile and a penny, which we were told would come into play later in the night. 


velvet rotor macadamia martini - macadamia, vodka, vermouth

Lui Bar’s signature cocktail. To yield such a clear pure (and lethal) liquid, the rotary evaporator was perfect, as it distills at a low temperature so the macadamia flavour carries through.


Starting with bottles of vodka, and adding macadamias, an Australian native, warmed till they turn golden, as well as some roasted hazelnuts for the nutty aroma, vanilla pods & citrus peel. Everything is blended, sealed and left overnight. Then run through the rotary chamber. 


This honey gold smashed macadamia praline, coated with caramel and dusted with sea salt flakes. The perfect salty sweet crunch, I could buy a whole bag of these delightful little bites.


lui’s signature ham ‘n’ cheese toastie

Doughnut batter baked in a ball, and injected with ham & cheese to yield these  spherical toasties. Warm fluffy bites.


The spectacular view from the Lui Bar beats the view at Vue de Monde, but it’s just elevated a notch at night. 


pina colada - pineapple, coconut milk & rum

It is at this point we learn that the little bronze coin grants us access to the pina coladas, a playful and quite literal take on gathering everyone here to spend a penny. Enhancing the whimsicality of their take on the classic pina colada, complete with brightly colored paper parasols.

The pineapples are toasted with black peppercorn, puréed with coconut milk & malt sugar, and a good whack of rum & shaved ice.


david blackmore wagyu beef cheek sandwich

The beetroot buns were stained beautifully, with tender wagyu cheek and a kick from the creamy horseradish mayo.


I still haven’t had the time to assemble mine, but I’ll definitely work on it as I intend to whip up a few of these creations next weekend. I’ll try to snap some pictures if we’re not too boozed up. 

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