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Gumbo Kitchen; Brunswick.

Gumbo Kitchen
Barkly Square

link: gumbokitchen.com


 Two and a half trucks in a day, Taco Truck and Gumbo Kitchen, Chingon being the half truck given the trailer is parked out the back of the establishment, minus the truck.

Gumbo Kitchen is set up in an unmistakeable bright blue truck, in the Barkly Square carpark.


Being a fan of Huxtable's oyster po' boy I had high hopes and was sold on the prospect of a soft shell crab po' boy (not on the menu on the day) or an oyster po' boy (all out). Admittedly we did rock up near the end of the afternoon, but even the thought of the Dom (beef debris on fries) was fleeting as they were out of chunky fries. A testament as to their popularity.


Fried Shrimp Po’ Boy ($12)

Hesitant on the gumbo, their namesake, I went for the familiar, the shrimp po’ boy. I found the bread wasn’t flaky and airy, more chewy. The batter on the shrimp was quite heavy, and even the shrimps could be fresher.


The hot sauce couldn’t salvage this. A generous portion but I’ll be hitting up the other food trucks first.

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