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Chingón Cantina y Taqueria; Richmond.

Chingón Cantina y Taqueria
413 Swan Street

link: chingon.com.au


BYO only when we visited, a simple menu - a selection of six homemade soft corn tortilla tacos (three for $15) and a selection of three salsas with warm tortilla chips ($10 each). 


The kitchen consisted of a truck parked up the back, with little rounds freshly made before dinner service, then freshly rolled on the spot to order.


Carne Asada (charcoal steak) // de Pollo (orange & honey charcoal chicken) // de Calabacitas (charcoal roasted corn) // de Camarones // de Pescado (flame-grilled fish) // Al Pastor

We’re given a side plate with garnishes of cabbage, tomatoes. And a much needed hot sauce for that spicy kick. In a nice messy, as you please style.

I’ll admit the tacos read a lot better on the menu, with their intricate styles of cooking and variety of salsas and cremas. I was quite conscious of the thick albeit homemade tortilla, I admit few places get it right but I much prefer a higher filling to tortilla bite ratio.

My favourite of the lot was the juicy crunchy prawns & fresh lime feta. The sweet chunks of grilled pineapple with the achiote pork was a nice surprise.

Slightly smaller handfuls compared to the Taco Truck - I was craving the big bold flavours at Taco Truck. There isn’t as much of a play on textures, no bold creamy sauces to elevate the cooking of the meat or the taco or to distinguish between the six.

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