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Taco Truck; Where the Truck At.

Taco Truck
Victoria Street (near Pearson Street)
Brunswick West

link: tacotruck.com.au


The food trucks are still circling around the Moreland council area. Where the Truck At is great for tracking them down. A constant stream of people means it’s a five to ten minute wait, but the tacos are made to order and piping hot.


Chicken skins weren’t available - I guess I’ll just have to hit ‘em up again. A simple menu, they do single tacos ($6) - a choice of fish, potato or chicken. We opted for the taco plates ($12) - a choice of two tacos & a serve of housemade corn chips with a side of guacamole ($3).


Chicken, Corn Salsa, Baby Spinach & Chipotle Mayo // Potato, Jalapeno Ricotta, Slaw, Salsa Verde on Crisp Tortilla

I’d expected the fish to be my favourite but the chicken & the potato were unexpected winners. The chicken taco is stacked with sweet crunchy corn & soft onion slivers. The char grilled chicken alone is slightly dry, but as a bite with the soft thin tortilla wrap, creamy chipotle mayo & mountain of sweet corn, it’s just packed with flavour.

The potato taco reads the least exciting, but talk about a play on textures. You get this crunch from the crisp tortilla shell, a softer crunch from the fried potato slices within, giving way to soft fluffy potato, tangy purple cabbage & creamy jalapeno ricotta. 


Fish, Slaw, Lime Squeeze, Poppy Mayo // Chicken, Corn Salsa, Baby Spinach, Chipotle Mayo

Fresh fish coated in thin crunchy golden batter - exactly how you’d want it, with creamy mayo tartare and a good dose of lime juice - the flavours are less intense compared to the other two.

The golden house made corn chips are thicker than usual and have a satisfying crunch. With a cool avocado guacamole, fragrant with lime & coriander.


If you want to nitpick, you can find flaws, but they disguise them well. Each taco has distinct and delicious flavours, right textures & each component is in relatively good proportion to the others. You don’t find yourself with far too much tortilla wrap relative to the filling. It’s no more than a generous handful, so I’d go for all three, and maybe one more.

Beatbox Kitchen comes highly recommended and given what I’d seen at Taco Truck (same owner), I can’t wait till they are back from their one week hiatus.

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