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Koko Black; Melbourne CBD.

Koko Black
52 Collins Street
Melbourne CBD


I love Koko Black chocolates, it’s definitely one of my favourite indulgences and my all-time go to gifts for any occasion. Heart pops just because, yes please.


Signature Hot Chocolate ($6)

I admit I’m more partial to Max Brenner for their belgian waffles and that divine little chocolate lick pot. And it’s been a while since I’ve had a proper sweet treat in Koko Black.


Flourless Chocolate Cake with Spotted Cherries ($5.5)

Quite dense and rich, but the flourless aspect gives it a lightness.


Chocolate Mousse topped with Crushed Caramelised Hazelnuts ($9.5)

Rich creamy chocolate mousse swirl, with sticky crackly bits and I loved the little pot of caramelised hazelnuts.


Chocolate Choux Pastry, filled with Vanilla Custard & Raspberry Coulis ($5.5)


You have this eggy chocolatey choux pastry, coated in a tangy fragrant raspberry crackle, an almost macaron-like sugary crumble. A lush creamy custard encased within as well as a sweet berry coulis.


I am absolutely looking forward to their dessert degustation as part of their 2012 Winter Evenings of Chocolate. It’s kicked off in Melbourne, with the second session of the three on tonight, onward to Canberra and then Perth.

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