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Maedaya; Richmond.

400 Bridge Road


It’s been a while since I’ve been back to Maedaya - it was brighter than I remembered and not as smoky (perhaps it’s because we popped in early). There’s a japanese DIY bbq area upstairs which I quite like, but I also love being a lord and being served hot fresh skewers at the counter.


Lotus root crisps to start. I notice they’ve made the selection of 5 dipping sauces a little more exclusive. It used to be freely available. 


Sumiyaki - Tsukune Chicken Ball, Yakitori Chicken Thigh, Chilli Inari Beancurd, Gyu Kushi Beef & Butakushi Pork Belly ($16.8)

No matter, the skewers we ordered were delicious enough on their own. You can order each of these as individual skewers or a tasting plate.


Grilled Eel ($6.8)

I’ve always loved unagi, the ones at Maedaya are definitely one of my favourite. I usually end up having about three of these. Hot off the coals, the eel was as silky sticky sweet and soft as I remembered it to be. Melt in your mouth.


Yaki Buta - Pan Fried Pork Belly ($9.5)

And my fondness for pork belly continues. Fragrant, lightly charred, the leaner strips are slightly drier but the fatty pieces are juicy luscious and soft.


Wafu Hamburg ($15)

J Cafe is the only other place I’ve ever had the hamburg patty. Juicy and firm, this was topped with sweet juicy shimeji mushrooms and a sweet teriyaki sauce.


It’s no wonder I love their skewers so much. It’s barbecued on a metal net over hot coals like the ones at Izakaya Chuji, Hwaro and Bab & 92, all of which I infinitely prefer over those that use the standard metal plate e.g. Guhng, Seoul House, Takumi. There’s just a delicious char and flavour that the latter lacks. And the skewers at Maedaya don’t sit around in the kitchen waiting to be served, they’re brought over to you right off the bat.

I admit I was a little disappointed to see they’d taken the green tea fondue off the menu, but I look forward to trying the green tea ice cream with hot brown sugar umeshu on my next visit.

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