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INVITE:Rekorderlig Winter Cider Launch.

Belgian Beer Cafe
557 St Kilda Road


When it comes to alcohol drinks, I’m all for something sweet. Blasphemous no doubt. But give me my Moscatos, Rieslings, Spumantes, Gewürztraminers any day. It’s no surprise I lean towards Sweden’s premium cider on ice. Strawberry & Lime is my usual pick.


In conjunction with the launch of its Winter Cider, I was invited to attend Rekorderlig’s Winter Forest Pop-up Bar at Belgian Beer Cafe by Rekorderlig & Exposure PR.


What’s winter without snow?


A gorgeous set of husky pups were paraded around all night, exuberant little creatures all too ready to have their photo snapped.


Stepping out of the snow and into the warmth, you’re greeted with pine trees and masses of wooden chips strewn across the floor and the scent alone transports you to the forest as intended.


Every detail was tended to, even the Northern Lights were cast above us.


Trays and trays of warm winter cider - a twist on their apple cider with a taste of vanilla & cinnamon spice, were in abundance. And they were snapped up just as quickly. Warm, crisp and not too sweet, the perfect drink to nurse on a cold wintry night.


Behind the scenes. This little machine was churning out hot toasty cider filled mugs. I have to say I really loved how the winter cider could be served warm or cold, and both sat well with me, though I’m definitely in favour of the warm one. It’s just perfect for winter.


The existing range proved just as popular, tall glasses flying over the counter.


Winter Cider, Pear, Mango Raspberry, Apple & Blackcurrant

One of the highlights of the night was the gorgeous tasting paddle.


I loved the touch of the little berries, orange segments and mint leaves within. 


My favourite bite for the night. It melts in your mouth and the buttery pastry crumbles beautifully along with it.


Cider Glazed Chicken Ribs


A minor fraction of the damage. 


Fur was the theme of the night. From the servers, to the huskies, to the chairs.


The Rekorderlig Winter Forest Pop-up Bar is up to for two weekends only at Belgian Beer Cafe along St Kilda Road. They have a winter cider affogato with vanilla bean ice cream & mulled cider for dessert and you just have to try one of the warm winter ciders  along with it.

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