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Nama Nama; Melbourne CBD.

Nama Nama
31 Spring Street
Melbourne CBD

link: namanama.com.au


Nama Nama is barely weeks old and it fills up ridiculously quickly at lunchtime. It’s a block up from my office where The Verge used to sit, and being quite fond of Simon Denton’s Izakaya Den, popping by for lunch was a no brainer.  

The seats outside weren’t spared in spite of the wintry weather. We sought warmth from the heat cylinders lined alongside the tables.


A fairly simple set up, they do delicious udon noodles, nori rolls, katsu buns or these cute bento boxes. The takeaway paper bento boxes were fairly popular and were flying out the door.


Chicken Nan Ban, Poached Duck, Wagyu Rice Paper Roll, Cocktail Potato Salad, Cod Roe Dashimaki ($16)

The menu looks deceptively simple yet we spent a while pondering the options. With the bento boxes, you have five categories - salad, raw, rice ‘n’ roll, specialty & main. Three choices under each category. Alternatively you can opt for the quick and easy surprise bento.


Yuzu Marinated Ocean Trout, Poached Duck, Broccolini Shira-Ae, Wagyu Rice Paper Roll, Tofu Greek Salad ($16)

An almost gourmet bento box if you will. 


Pork, Spinach & Quail Egg, Housemade Udon Noodles, Kanto Style Broth ($15)

The dainty portion was duly noted, just because of how good it was. You have these silky housemade udon which retains a lovely bite, these divine thick slabs of juicy fat streaked pork, scallion wisps, richness from the quail yolk which creams up the light fragrant and wholesome broth. 


Wagyu Beef, Spinach & Onion, Housemade Udon Noodles, Kanto Style Broth ($15)


I haven’t tried the bento boxes but I will note that the udon was the envy of the crowd. I don’t know if I will try the other offerings just because those gorgeous slabs of pork still haunt me. Quality over quantity - fine by me.

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