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Twenty & Six Espresso; North Melbourne.

Twenty & Six Espresso
594 Queensberry Street
North Melbourne

link: twentyandsix.com.au


I need to move to North Melbourne. It’s been on my mind since Seven Seeds and Auction Rooms and my recent encounter with Twenty & Six Espresso merely confirms it.


Twenty & Six is quite tiny. But it’s cheerfully bright and cosy.


House Chai Latte ($4.5)

I adore the quirkiness of the names, as well as the freshness and vibrancy of the food & mugs. 


Soy Latte

Just how I like it, mildly sweet and fragrant, not too strong.


Mushroom Soup, Truffle Oil & Croutons ($12)

The soup of the day was a smooth silky creamy mushroom soup, it looks like it would be grainy on the palate but it wasn’t. With golden crunchy croutons, a sprinkling of fresh fragrant herbs and a truffle oil drizzle.


Tokyo Salad - Oven Roasted Chicken with Organic Soba Noodles, Watercress, Daikon Shoots & Pickled Ginger ($17.9)

A generous portion of cold chicken slivers & soba noodles, tossed with sesame seeds, sesame oil & light soy. Fresh greens & pink pickled ginger brightens up the dish.


The Cassoulet - Duck Fat Baked Haricot Beans with Pancetta, Pork & Fennel Sausage finished with a Sourdough & Garden Herb Crust ($17.9)

The pork sausage buried within is juicy and fragrant with fennel, covered in this hearty concoction of beans & sweet carrots, fatty pancetta pieces with flakes of breadcrumbs on top for a little texture. 


Banana, Pecan & Rum Soaked Raisin Loaf served with Maple & Walnut Creamed Ricotta & Home Made Berry Coulis & Istra Bacon ($19.9)

This was what I wanted from St Ali a year or so ago, but the lumberjack pancake with bacon was far too heavy and rich and I found it quite confused.

You have your crispy salty bacon curls, pools of dark berry coulis which were so pure and fragrant with almost tea undertones. The loaf is absolutely gorgeous, you get the sweet banana running through it, slowly softening from the cold creamy mildly sweet maple creamed ricotta which has the subtlest rich nuttiness running through it from the walnut crumbs. I generally do not like cream. It can be so heavy, and sometimes it’s too airy, there isn’t a bite, there isn’t much flavour. But this, much to my chagrin, was divine. It was tinged with this warm honey colour, it was slow and substantial to bite into, yet it almost glides in your mouth, light enough to have you going back for more, a real rich nutty wholesome flavour with walnut bits. If all creams were like this, I’d be in serious trouble.


Mörk Hot Chocolate - Dutch cocoa, 100% cocoa paste & coconut sugar

The artwork on the hot chocolate was exquisite. You have to finish off with one of these.

Twenty & Six Espresso, wonderfully simple set up, with a gorgeous menu, quirky names and delicious wholesome food. I particularly loved the sweet we finished off with. Not your typical brunches, precisely what I was looking for. The precious “the Goat & the Bee” was not available and I will absolutely be going back for this. Goat’s curd, organic honeycomb & brioche - how could anyone say no.

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