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Coin Laundry; Armadale.

Coin Laundry
61 Armadale Street 
link: coinlaundrycafe.com.au


One of the things I love about Melbourne is we are utterly spoilt for choice when it comes to good coffees, breakfasts & brunches.


The icing on the cake would be if my favourite brunch spots were closer to me.


Off the top of my head there’s Pillar of Salt with those incredible hazelnut & cranberry muffins. Other than that it seems like I am required to trek to Three Bags Full in Abbotsford or Twenty & Six Espresso in North Melbourne (which I adore).


Coin Laundry in Armadale fits the bill. It’s less than five minutes away from me and upon entering the cafe, you are greeted by an inviting array of luscious sweet treats that beg to be nibbled on and promise to go perfectly with a hot latte while you wait for a table to free up.


I particularly love how they’re not hidden away under glass stands or display windows, it makes them all the more delectable and there’s a real freshly baked feel to it.


The plates coming out were generous vibrant fresh. Everyone had their eye on the steak sandwich served on a wooden board with golden fries on the neighbouring table. 


Olive Bread Bruschetta with Goats Cheese Cream, Confit Tomato, Pomegranate Molasses & Jamon ($17.5)

Hands down, you have to order this. Crunchy toasted bruschetta with olive halves wedged within, the bruschetta was infused with olive flavours. And you have these warm sleek sheets of intense fat streaked jamon wrapped around each other with fresh herbs within its folds and draped carelessly over these juicy bright red confit tomatoes, leaving it sweet and tangy, the sweetness possibly enhanced by the pomegranate molasses. The creamy goats cheese is one of the lightest mildest ones I’ve had.

One after the other, big bold flavours which work perfectly together, each and every one vie for your attention. In my eyes, this was Coin Laundry’s saving grace. If I hadn’t ordered this to start, I don’t know if I’d be in a hurry to come back. 


Coin Laundry Breakfast of Smashed Avocado, Roma Tomatoes, Bacon, Beetroot Relish, Baby Spinach & Poached Eggs ($18.5)

Your typical big breakfast, you have crunchy crisp bacon curls on a skewer, creamy avocado bites, cold sweet earthy beetroot, poached eggs complete with runny golden yolks, the vibrant sweet tomatoes they do so well and crunchy buttery toast. It’s visually pleasing and you can’t fault this, but the jamon & olive bruschetta is leaps and bounds ahead and I just want more. 


Confit Pork Belly on a Minted Cabbage Salad, Fennel Puree, Roasted Baby Beets & Pistachio Dressing ($18)

We couldn’t help picking one off the lunch menu. The crackling was airy and crunchy, but the pork was on the dry side. There was no soft luscious bite. Fragrant with coriander mint, and earthy rich beets.


From the worn sign to the quirky miniature cutouts, there’s no hiding the origin of the name. What is amiss is the smell of fresh laundry. We were seated closer to the kitchen and we definitely walked away smelling like we sat close to the kitchen.

The olive bruschetta with jamon is a real gem and I’m most definitely popping back for that and a quick coffee. You have to love the ones that don’t read perfectly off the menu, but connect with you instantly from the moment it’s set down in front of you to the moment you take your first bite.

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