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The Waiting Room; Southbank.

The Waiting Room
8 Whiteman Street

High teas are incredibly alluring. What’s not to love - dainty petite finger sandwiches and pint-sized sweet treats showcased on shiny tiered trays. Momo & Coco have covered an impressive selection of high teas in Melbourne. 

And yet it can often be a disappointing affair. Mummy P&T shares my apprehension and it took some coaxing & cajoling before she relented to a pre-celebration the day before Mother’s Day. I was hoping to see what Chez Dre had up their sleeves for their Mother’s Day High Tea but due to prior arrangements we weren’t in Melbourne on the day itself.

Neil Perry’s The Waiting Room offers both Afternoon Tea (12pm ~ 5pm) and High Tea (5pm ~ 9pm). You have the option of a sober and proper affair with Tea or Coffee ($42), a toast with glasses of Chandon Blanc de Blancs ($55) or popping bottles of Duval Leroy Champagne ($65).

The distinction between the two.

Silver Needle // Jasmine Pearls // Organic Dragon Well Green // Yunnan Gold // English Breakfast // Earl Grey // Peppermint // Chamomile // Fresh Mint

A generous selection of teas in precious glass teapots.

Parmesan Biscuits & Anchovy Twists

The top tier - crumbly parmesan biscuits and fresh flaky buttery twists.

Finger Sandwiches - Cucumber & Chive Butter // Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese // Chicken & Walnut // Boiled Egg & Avruga Caviar

Light and dainty bites.

Cakes - Chocolate, Peanut & Caramel Tart // Fruit Mince Tart // Passionfruit Mirroir // ‘Fairy’ Eclair // Alfajore

I wasn’t fond of their sweets truth be told. I don’t have an incredibly sweet tooth - if you ever see me eyeing a sweet treat or a pastry, you’ll know I’m famished. What I do have is a soft spot for chocolate and the intriguing.

Here, what you see if what you get - the mirroir is mousse & butter cake, the alfajore is meringue & a crumbly toffee almost, chocolate glaze peanuts and mostly caramel in a chocolate shell.

Orange & Vanilla Scones with House-Made Strawberry Jam & Cream

I love scones. And these scones. You don’t need to go all the way up to Mt Dandenong for scones when you have these gorgeous fluffy delights right here. They were warm crumbly and so soft within, enticingly firm on the outside. The scones have a lovely orange citrusy aroma, perfect with the fresh jam with chunks of strawberries intact.

And you can order these off the carte menu too.

Everything is freshly made, it’s a gorgeous intimate spot tucked away at the side. Perfect for tea with the ladies during the day, and a drink or two before dinner at night.

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