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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

Cafe di Stasio; St Kilda.

31 Fitzroy Street
St Kilda

I must admit, looking at Cafe di Stasio’s webpage had me conjuring up images of dining in this gorgeous courtyard amidst beautiful olive trees. Little did I know Cafe di Stasio is located along busy Fitzroy Street - a dark intimate restaurant with weathered ochre walls.

The creamy butter was perfect with a pinch of salt.

Di Stasio Chardonnay

From their very own Di Stasio wineries in Yarra Valley, complete with handwritten labels. Not open to the public, except by invitation. 

Tagliolini Pesce ($29)

Off the specials for the night, the tagliolini is like the angel hair spaghetti of linguine. Cooked al dente with the loveliest texture, a wonderful bite. With morsels of fresh fish and bursts of fish roe, which I wished there was more of. Tossed with fragrant garlic, olive oil, herbs & chilli flakes.

Whitebait & Aioli ($29)

One of their specials - lightly floured and lightly grilled, the batter could be crisper and the whitebait was quite strong in flavour, with a creamy aioli.

Moscardini Affogatti - Baby Octopus Slow Cooked in Red Wine & Chillies ($29)

The baby octopus was divine, beautifully tender and succulent, in a rich delicious red wine accompaniment.

Risotto del Giorno - Risotto with Braised Quail ($37)

The quail is quite tender, and the risotto is soft with a slight bite and whole. But I can’t forget the gorgeous bay bug risotto infused in a rich lobster bisque at Bistro Vue.

Di Stasio Pinot Noir

Another one from their wineries, but they can order in bottles at cellar door prices.

Braised Barolo Beef & Polenta Chip ($44)

The last special we ordered for the night, a slow cooked braise in barolo wine - the beef was tender but a little dry, which could be attributed to the cut. The gorgeous rich red wine jus was simply divine, reminiscent of the octopus but even richer. And soft velvety polenta within the crisp. 

This main was intended to be shared and they kindly presented us with two dainty portions.

The food is traditional Italian fare, beautifully cooked and simple in an intimate and refined setting.

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