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St Ali; South Melbourne.

St Ali
12 - 18 Yarra Place
South Melbourne

St Ali’s has undeniably good coffee, without a doubt one of my favourites in Melbourne. And yet each time, I find myself somewhat let down by the menu. I recall on a prior visit, I had the Lumberjack, which consisted of pancakes, bacon, maple syrup etc. I’m a huge fan of savoury sweet things. It’s a strange habit but the combination excites my tastebuds. The Lumberjack was far too heavy for my liking.

St Ali’s is packed, but thankfully the wait isn’t too long. If you’re in a huge group, you’re in luck, there are plenty of large tables at St Ali’s. For smaller groups, be prepared to share a table with a few others. 

Flat White

Smooth and strong, a must have.

English Breakfast Tea

The tea is quite potent, steeped for longer than most and piping hot.

St Ali Burger Royale with Cheese - Meat and Cheese on our special bun with Mark’s Beetroot Pickle ($16.5)

The beef patty is beautifully pink within, juicy and generous, covered in melted cheese and caramelised onions. The bun is a little on the plainer side. Accompanied with thin strips of earthy beetroot and a light relish with chunks of tomatoes intact, one of the better ones I’ve had, not as sweet as the others, and with a cumin fragrance.

Prawndorf - Lightly Toasted Roll with Mix of Chopped Tiger Prawn, Celery, Apple, Spring Onion, Walnut & Mayonnaise ($19)

It reminded me of a prawn cocktail. Generous pieces of sweet fresh prawns, crunchy nuttiness from the walnuts, sweet tangy apples all coated in a creamy more cocktail sauce, less plain white mayo. Sandwiched by a tasty crusty toasted roll. A light choice.

Poached eggs on Sourdough ($10.5)

Complete with runny yolks, perched atop thick buttered sourdough. The mushrooms are soft and juicy, but average. 

If you adore the Hazelnut & Cranberry Meringue sweet treat here, you can pick one up at Pillar of Salt in Richmond too. 

With coffee this good, you want the breakfasts to be on par. I did see a gorgeous Waffle Sandwich being paraded around several times. Maybe that will win my heart before I deign St Ali a coffee & muffin zone.

Quite literally, the man behind St Ali - Salvatore Malatesta.

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