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Union Dining; Richmond.

Union Dining
272 Swan Street

It’s worth popping by Union Dining on Sundays. They offer a tasting menu encompassing four entrees, a main & a dessert ($55). As tempting as it was, I opted to create my own tasting menu, purely because I saw some dishes on the menu I had to try.

Crusty bread with creamy butter. Will I ever tire of you?

Crisp Fried School Prawns in Fennel & Chilli Salt with Lemon Aioli ($15)

It’s hard to go wrong with these little gems. Wholly edible, deliciously crunchy, with a welcome lemony tang and fragrant scallions, completed with a light aioli dip.

Clams Casino, Pancetta, White Wine & Parsley ($16)

The last time I had Clams Casino was at Giuseppe, Arnaldo & Sons in Crown. I do love my clams. They were beautifully fresh, fragrant with fatty pancetta pieces in a very light  sauce. The pangratatto shards were delightfully crispy and added a little bite and crunch, divine when soaked in the sauce.

Confit Duck Salad, Lentils, Sherry Vinaigrette & Mustard Fruits ($29)

Generous tender duck, beautifully cooked but I would have loved to have seen it rendered more with a layer of crispy skin, but delicious nonetheless. Tossed with radicchio and parsley, with lentils, chives and walnuts strewn throughout. The dish was slick with oil and the sweet acidity from the sherry vinaigrette cut through nicely.

Risotto of Spanner Crab, Zucchini & Herbs ($30)

I have to say this is probably one of the first risottos I’ve had where there are far more condiments than the risotto itself. The spanner crab morsels are sweet fresh and succulent, complemented with the sweetness of the peas and the soft zucchini. There is a fair bite to the risotto and the flavours are quite clean, lacking in the soft creaminess yet underlying bite I associated with risotto. The dish was rather one dimensional.

Rhubarb & Apple Crumble with Lemon Ice Cream ($16)

Warm soft lush pieces of beautifully stewed apple & rhubarb, a wonderful sweet sour tangy heady concoction, topped with a fragrant light crumble which adds a lovely crunch and texture to the mix, and the scoop of icy cold creamy goodness just makes for the perfect end to the dinner.

The dishes were consistently good. No knock outs, though the confit duck salad comes awfully close. Perhaps a crispy skin would have tipped it in for me.

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