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Crown Casino
8 Whiteman Street

Silks has a gorgeous private function room, enclosed within a white canopy in the middle of its dining room. Silks offers a slightly more luxurious yumcha experience on the surface.

With little tealights to keep our tea warm, little foot stools for our totes and the servers were far more attentive and obliging than you would find at typical yum cha restaurants.

Silks is located within Crown, near the Conservatory. The view overlooks the Yarra, which is rather dismal during the day but I’d imagine would be prettier at night with the city lights in the distance.

Assorted BBQ Meat Platter - Char Siu Pork, Beef Shank, Roast Duck & Jellyfish ($39)

The duck was probably the best out of the meats - crispy skin and tender within. The jellyfish was crisp and cool but Shark Fin’s Inn does a fresher one. The char siu pork wasn’t soft and luscious and the beef shank was served cold and was on the drier side.

The garlic cucumber was served cold and quite light on the garlic.

Chiu Zhou Dumplings ($17.5)

Handmade Noodles with Seafood Combination Soup ($43)

The noodle is disappointingly far too soft, the seafood is quite sweet and fresh and the broth is rather hearty and delicious.

Steamed Glutinous Rice with Diced Abalone & Assorted Filling ($17.5)

Glutinous rice was soft and quite flavoursome though there wasn’t much filling within. Neatly packaged into four small parcels.

Silks is your standard chinese cuisine with better service and a touch of elegance, and if you live nearby or you’re staying in the hotel then it’s worth a visit.

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