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Pei Modern; Melbourne CBD.

Pei Modern
45 Collins Street

After hearing about Mark Best’s involvement, I’ve been eyeing Pei Modern’s construction with much curiosity for quite a few months now. After reading about msihua’s delightful experience, it’s no surprise that I wound up here shortly after.

The crusty bread comes in a miniature burlap sack with a creamy delicious butter.


Raw Scallops, Green Tomatoes & Pear

One of the specials for the night, the delicate scallop slivers were beautifully fresh and sweet with sweet crisp pear slices, and little dollops of sauce with an unexpected curried fragrance.

Almond Gazpacho with Blue Swimmer Crab ($16)

Undeniably my favourite dish - sweet fresh swimmer crab morsels aside, the creamy silky gazpacho is delicious to the last drop, unlike my prior experiences with the tomato gazpacho at Dead Man’s Espresso or the red cabbage gazpacho at the Fat Duck. The sweet tart grapes cuts through the creaminess nicely. 


Dutch Creams, Mojama, Coffee & Bone Marrow ($16)

This came highly recommended by the server. It’s this rich luscious creamy whirl, with soft creamy potato and unmistakeable coffee undertones which works well together. A good sharing dish, a few mouthfuls was more than enough for me.

Ocean Trout

Another one of the specials, the ocean trout confit was fresh with clean flavours, my knife sliced through it easily like a hot knife through butter, accompanied by the tang of french onions, and a dash of toffee butter which admittedly struck me as a little out of place.

Lamb Double Rack & Eggplant ($34)

The lamb rack is exquisitely pink, juicy and tender.

Crisp Pork Jowl & Radicchio ($30)

The fatty luscious pork cheeks is fantastic. The entire piece melts beautifully in your mouth, you can’t distinguish the meat from the fat, it’s the most divine texture - it has this nice bite to it yet it’s so luscious.

Steamed Snapper, Sea Urchin Butter & Sweet Corn ($32)

No different to the other courses, the snapper was cooked beautifully, its sweetness enhanced by a creamy buttery pool and sweet corn kernels, with the most fragrant curry leaf crisps as a finishing touch.

Mushrooms & Savory

The mushrooms are cooked well, there’s a nice bite to it, and yet it’s still wonderfully soft and full of flavour.

Porterhouse on the Bone ($45)

The food at Pei Modern is simple, and true to its word they let the quality of the produce speak for itself. There’s no heavy handed seasoning or sauce disguising the food. They cook it beautifully and my favourites were undeniably the blue swimmer crab gazpacho and the pork jowl. They incorporate little twists in the dish that give pause, before you realise the flavours complement and there is harmony in each mouthful.

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