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Middle Fish; Carlton North.

Middle Fish
122-128 Berkeley Street
Carlton North

Similar to what Hanoi Hannah is doing for Vietnamese pho, Middle Fish is doing for Thai food. It gives you a place to seek out old favourites, and yet you actually want to linger just a little bit longer, simply because you don’t want to leave - unlike Ying Thai 2, where you want to get in, eat and get out.

On my prior encounter with Seven Seeds, we walked past Middle Fish and I was drawn by the airiness and the eclectic feel to the place. Thai music and radio broadcasting streams overhead, lending to the authenticity of it all. And there’s something soothing about the metallic fans whirring lazily above me. Bright without being glaring, with the sun streaming in through glass windows and overhead panels. 

Little spots and corner, with patterned cushions, little roses and plants to dress up the table and it all comes together. I have a thing for high chairs and bench tops, and needless to say I gravitated toward the smooth wooden bench top.

Beautifully oversized apple & walnut muffins.

Generous slices of banana bread.

I admit I have a soft spot for Thai food. Growing up, there were quite a few Thai restaurants in Malaysia, and I am rather familiar with this cuisine.

Crunchy Omelette of Mussels - Bean Sprouts, Spring Onion, Coriander served with Home version of Sriracha ($16.5)

True to its word, the omelette is deliciously crunchy, attributed to some sort of crispy batter like coating, with mussels and egg bits embedded within. Sitting on a bed of cool crisp bean shoots and sweet carrot slivers. The home made sriracha is more sweet chilli less sriracha, but it’s nicely paired with the omelette. Besides, they have a bottle of sriracha at each table for your personal consumption.

Tom Yum - Tiger Prawns with Tomatoes, Wild Mushroom, Spring Onion, Coriander, Lemongrass & Kaffir Lime Leaf ($15.5)

I love Tom Yum soup, a childhood thing. The soup is sour and slightly spicy, fragrant with lemongrass and kaffir lime, with deshelled prawns and mushrooms and delicious scallion and coriander bits. Accompanied with rice which I gleefully heap into the little blue pot. The ones at Ying Thai 2 and Appetiser have been displaced as my favourites, taste wise they are all on par as they are quite different, but Middle Fish offers a far more pleasant dining experience.

House made pineapple juice. How did I not discover this earlier? I will be back for you.

Who would have thought Thai food could be this enticing for lunch? The cheery service does not go amiss.

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