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Burch & Purchese.

Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio
647 Chapel Street
South Yarra

Burch & Purchese has the most exquisite sweet treats studio on Chapel Street in South Yarra.

I can’t ever resist popping by, be it to indulge visually, or to sweeten my palate.


The most delightful assortment of rainbows.

Be it for Valentine’s Day.


For Melbourne Cup.

For Easter.

I’m hardpressed to leave Burch & Purchese empty handed.

Go on, you know you want me - I can hear them crooning at me.

They make all the sweet treats themselves, and when you look at the level of care and precision, the bountiful and multitude of ingredients that go into each delight, you truly savour each mouthful, not wanting to make a dent on this work of art.

Cherry, Chocolate & Cocoa Nib - 75% Tobago Chocolate & Vanilla Mousse, Liquid Morello Centre, Choc & Cocoa Nib Brownie, Amarena Cherry Jam, Chocolate Velvet Spray, Cherry Jelly & Candied Cocoa Nib ($9)

I love fresh cherries. But one of my pet hates are chocolate & cherry desserts. B&P held my hand and taught me to overcome this. A creamy silky mousse lies within the shiny sleek chocolate sheen, and a delightful molten cherry liquid slowly trickles out when you cut through it. The cherry lava is not overly sweet and has a nice tang to it, and complements the chocolate beautifully.

Mango, Milk Chocolate & Ginger Cake - Milk Chocolate & Mango Cream, Coconut Meringue, Jamaican Ginger Cake, Mango Cream, Milk Chocolate Sponge, Mango Custard & Chocolate Gingerbread man ($9)

Each bite is an experience. You can taste each flavour each texture quite clearly, be it the ginger cake, the dessicated coconut, the chocolate sponge and the sweet and sour mango.

Raspberry, White Choc, Honey & Lychee - White Chocolate & Raspberry Mousse, Raspberry & Lychee Jelly, Muesli & Honey Nut Sponge, Raspberry & Hibiscus Jam, Honey Lychee Syrup, Exaggerated Raspberry Cream & White Chocolate Velvet Spray ($9)

This was no different, the sweet white chocolate with the tangy raspberry made for a silky smooth mousse. The raspberry flavour shone through this dessert.

What strikes me about B&P desserts are they pick up complementing flavours, not necessarily ones you’ve seen before, but they make it work. The stunning creations toy with your heart, and they balance each component of the dessert beautifully so none is outshone by the other, you can easily discern each one aforementioned.

Lemon, Orange, Raspberry, Rose & Violet Flowers - Edible & Delicious (2011)

Now that would make a gorgeous display at home, though it wouldn’t last very long.

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