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Hanoi Hannah; Windsor.

Hanoi Hannah
180 High Street

When it comes to Vietnamese pho, I find my choices are limited to the ones in Richmond or in the Melbourne CBD which aren’t the most pleasant of dining experiences. There are those which try to set themselves apart, Miss Chu in the city and Dandelion in Elsternwick, they succeed in creating an atmosphere I’d want to come back to, but the food is lacklustre in my opinion.

Hanoi Hannah on the other hand, is close by, has a chilled laidback feel and a mean bar. You could spend the afternoon on small bites, or a bowl of pho and a myriad of cocktails. It somehow works. The dishes are light and summery, perfect for sharing.

Pineapple & Lychee 

Non-alcoholic, icy with little coconut and lychee bites.

Balalot - Crispy Betel Leaf Beef Cigars ($8)

On the gamier side, a good clean bite of beef, the slightest shade of pink.

Home Made Prawn & Veg Spring Roll ($7.5)

The spring rolls surprisingly had a nice crunch to it, and were piping hot. Lettuce wrap and my weakness - fish sauce.

Mixed Mushroom Pho ($10.5)

This was probably the dish I was most apprehensive about. But the broth was no different to any other vietnamese pho I’ve had in Melbourne, the noodle had was silky smooth with a nice bite, and I quite like the vegetarian option, an assortment of juicy mushrooms.

I was disappointed to discover that the pork belly sliders were only available for dinner, as were a few other delectable items on the menu, of which I most certainly will come back for.

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