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Vue Dynasty.

Bistro Vue
430 Little Collins Street

Expanding into the spot formerly housing the coveted Vue de Monde, Bistro Vue now lies beyond the familiar bright red doors. It’s quaint and quirky, with timber lined ceilings and the weathered look of French country walls. As we are led to our table, you can’t help but notice the bountiful nooks and rooms filled with a few tables here and there, creating a sense of privacy and seclusion.

Lively french music plays overhead and the hustle and bustle from the open kitchen (with the more than occasional stream of French thrown in the mix), livens and lightens the otherwise heavy and sombre setting with its dim lighting and plush red couches.

Warm and crusty, yet soft on the inside, perfect with the creamy salted butter. I adore the whimsical plates.

Foie Gras baked in Brioche ($38)

Two of my favourite things, how could I resist. Baked in a loaf and sliced to serve, the foie gras was creamy smooth and quite good. I admit I’m fond of hot melt in your mouth foie gras, but this was pleasantly on the less gamey side. Encased in a thin brioche crust that leaves brioche aficionados wanting more.  The apple puree is on the sweet side, and the apple slivers need more acidity to cut through the creaminess of the foie gras.

Garlic Snails with Parsley Crust ($16)

A very light and subtle garlic and parsley accompaniment, allowing you to appreciate the tenderness of the snail.

Risotto in Lobster Bisque & Moreton Bay Bugs ($39)

One of the three specials for the night, this was spectacular. The risotto was cooked al dente in a gorgeous rich heady lobster bisque base. And the icing to this divine creation - fresh sweet succulent Moreton Bay Bugs cooked to perfection. They don’t offer a Lobster Bisque on the menu but you could pacify this lust with the Plat du Jour on Mondays - a Bouillabaisse with clams and mussels.

Wagyu, Potato Gratin, Beetroot, Crispy Radish, Spring Onion & Red Wine Jus ($35)

Another special for the night, there were a few components that worried me. The cut was from the shoulder, the potato gratin might be heavy, and the red wine jus could be sickly sweet and drowning the rest of the components. My worries were unfounded. Slow cooked in a water bath to break down the marbling, the technique was executed perfectly as the beef is beautifully pink within, tender and juicy, with the unmistakeable richness and fragrance of the Wagyu marbling, yet retains a reassuring meaty texture. The red wine jus is delicious and the soft layers of potato gratin were surprisingly light.

Pan-fried Baby Snapper with Poached Crayfish and Fennel Salad ($32)

The soft luscious baby snapper with its crispy golden coat was outshone by the simple sweet crayfish morsels.

Souffle au Chocolat ($14)

Requiring 20 minutes of preparation, the fluffy risen souffle is gorgeous to behold. They cut the souffle down the middle and pour a jug of rich molten chocolate down the middle.  The souffle was a little softer and mousse-like, akin to the texture of melted marshmallow pillows. The molten chocolate was pure heaven. 

Roquefort - blue royalty. 

Quality ingredients, beautiful execution, a gorgeous array of French wines and good service.

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