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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

Huxtaburger; Collingwood.

106 Smith Street

Why remain satisfied with the popularity of Huxtable when the owners could outdo themselves, a question which has yielded the brilliance that is Huxtaburger. A simple burger joint across from Huxtable, that sets itself apart by utilising premium ingredients. Cash only, with two counter tops inside that seats 4 apiece, and 4 tables outside that seat a cosy 6. 

Denise - The ‘Hot’ One with Jalapeno & Sriracha Mayo ($9)

Not messing around, it’s fantastic and true to its word, it’s got a nice kick to it. Warm toasted buttery brioche buns, juicy beef pattie, a ridiculous abundance of tangy jalapenos which I adore, creamy sriracha mayo and the requisite oozy cheese, tomato and crisp lettuce, all in one delectable bite. I’ll be back for this little gem.

Theo’s - Huxtaburger with Double Pattie, Bacon, Double Cheese & BBQ sauce ($11)

My affection for the Denise multiplies tenfold. The Denise fit in one perfect bite, while the Theo’s towers and falls apart, becoming a little messy. I could taste each of the components of the Denise quite distinctly, whereas the bacon and the patties is dominant here. Personal preference of course and still a pretty decent burger but my heart belongs to the Denise.

A cold beer to wash it all down.

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