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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

Naked for Satan.

Naked For Satan
285 Brunswick Street

If you’re looking for a place to while your afternoon away with drinks and little bites, you’ve come to the right place.

They offer a variety of pintxos, a great accompaniment to a boozy afternoon. It’s $2 each on the weekends but they offer them at $1 on certain weekdays for lunch and dinners. I wish they would serve it hot, but I guess most of them have been sitting there for a while. It’s a self-serve concept, pick what you like and pay later. 

Smoked Mussels & Cream Cheese

Cauliflower, Manoumi Cheese & Garlic Prawn

Blue Cheese, Quince & Walnut

Smoked Chicken & Corn Relish

Chorizo, Cream Cheese & Green Chilli

Chilli Cashew, Capsicum & Eggplant

Gilda: Olives, Pickled Chillies & Anchovy

Goat’s Cheese, Quince Paste & Pistachio

Chocolate Cointreau Mousse

I quite liked the prawn pintxos, and the smoked mussel wasn’t too bad. Nothing fancy,  I wouldn’t come here for a meal, but rather something to munch on over drinks is always welcome.

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