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40 Jacka Blvd
St Kilda

Right next to the Stokehouse.

Donovans is cosy and charming, it feels like I’ve been invited into someone’s beautiful home. There’s plenty to look at all around, not to mention the gorgeous views of the water.

There’s a private dining room secluded to the left when you first step in.

From the couches, to the endless knick knacks bits and bobs, sailboats everywhere and photo frames, Donovans is comforting, I especially love it at night.

Loaves of bread.

Thick and crusty, with butter and a broad bean paste.

I usually stick to the seafood and this time was no different.


Young Fresh Squid with Parsley Stuffing and Anchovy Sage Fritter ($26)

The squid was tender and sweet, paired well with the salty anchovy fritter and the bed of rocket.

Linguine with Seafood and Western Australian Scampi ($45)

The seafood was fresh and juicy, and the pasta was al dente. Tossed in olive oil. Despite being the popular choice, it received mixed reviews. I thought it could do with more flavour.

Risotto of Mushrooms and Porcini with Sainte Maure Goat’s Cheese ($38)

The porcini was divine. Juicy and sweet. The goat’s cheese was quite overpowering and is not for the faint hearted. Personally I liked it, but it was not received as well by others. The risotto was slightly disappointing, it was quite thick and heavy.

Prawn & Scallops Ravioli with Sauteed Victorian Abalone and Shiitake Mushrooms in a Golden Consomme ($29)

I rarely ever order ravioli but the prawn scallop and abalone called out to me. Not your typical ravioli, the pasta wrapper was soft and paper thin, encased was a delicious prawn and scallop paste with a bouncy texture (truth be told, it reminded me of something I would get at a yum cha restaurant), in a light fragrant consomme pool. A very light starter.

A running theme. Donovans has its appeal - enchanting views with an equally intimate setting. The menu plays it safe and the dishes aren’t exciting, you can’t help but want the food to be better so it can be a perfect three out of three.

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