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Darac Bar & Grill
51 A’Beckett Street

We dropped by Darac a few months ago. It was not a great experience and I haven’t been back since.

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Each of us had the salmon sashimi and unagi, both were seared at the table. That bit of theatric I appreciated - both the fragrance and the crackling sound whet my appetite. While the eel was decent, the seared salmon should have been fresher. 

We each ordered a supplement, our naughty habit. The batter for the Agedashi Tofu could have been crisper and more delicate. I chose the Gyu Tan, which was quite sinewy and thick, a texture I’m not accustomed to with ox tongue. I’ve had much better ox tongue from O Bento’s at Collins Place. 

Overall, maybe I picked the wrong dishes, maybe it wasn’t a good night, maybe I was extra critical. I find Japanese and Korean places to be safe bets, and the dishes are generally to my liking. Unfortunately, we did not enjoy any of our dishes at Darac.

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