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La Luna Love.

La Luna Bistro
320 Rathdowne Street
Carlton North

La Luna Bistro has been on my lust list for a while now. They were closed over the Christmas break and I have been eagerly anticipating their re-opening.

A gorgeous little courtyard right outside.

The menu is fairly heavy on the meats. The prime beef burger sounded delectable but it wasn’t available today.

Prawns & Garlic Butter

We pick one of their specials. The prawns are fresh juicy and crunchy, with parsley sprigs on top and mild chunks of chilli on the bottom. The generous pool of liquid butter enhances the toasted bread but admittedly the one at Solarino pips this, as there is never a drop of golden liquid butter left, it is that good with the crusty buttery bread.

Crisp Duck Legs, Orange, Cherry Tomato, Danish Salad & Lentil Salad ($39.5)

The duck. Where do I begin? I know, I seem to be professing my love for ducks easily, first the Brix. But this. The golden skin is so crispy and airey, my dining companion who had the same dish found this to be a little on the salty side but I am a lot more forgiving with heavy handed seasoning than most. The duck flesh is so juicy and so tender, it quite literally melts in our mouths, a trait hard to come by with duck. The blood orange and orange morsels are sweet and simple, the pop of the tangy cherry tomatoes, the musky goat’s cheese and the slightly sweet sauce complements the saltiness of the duck. 

Crackling Wrapped Roll of Roast Pork, Slow Cooked Beans, Cabbage & Fennel ($38.5)

The most luscious fatty pork with crunchy pork crackling. A sin.

Ice Cream Bombe Alaska, Caramel & Blackberry Coulis ($16.75)

I’ll admit, I’ve been party to a few Bombe Alaskas in my time, and they have done nothing to improve my lack of fondness for this sweet treat. Gimmicky desserts, poorly executed, a huge sweet goop of endless meringue. Nevertheless, after loving my entree and main, I expected a twist to this classic.

I was a little surprised when presented with the dish. It looked, heavy and unspectacular. And more importantly, where were the flames. Where was the dainty petite interpretation I had envisaged. I felt slightly robbed.

But once you cut in and take a bite. You forget all your pre-conceived notions of Bombe Alaskas and you wonder how is this not the new macaron. First the Cupcake Craze. The Macaron Madness has been going on for long enough. Bring on the BombeAlaska um, Bonanza I say.

The thin layer of meringue is smooth sticky and sweet, complete with bruleed smoky bits. It yields easily to reveal this delicious dense ice cream within, slightly nutty and not too sweet, complementing the texture and the sweetness of the meringue. The coulis adds a little flavour.

My only grievance, they didn’t have soy milk for my latte. But who really cares when the food and the dessert were in my opinion, so damned good.

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