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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com


19 MacKillop Street

Guhng is a popular place for Korean BBQ. Endless seating options from the long booths downstairs, the tables upstairs - and it fills up so quickly, especially on Friday nights.

Other than the carte menu, they offer courses and banquets for larger groups. We opt for Course 4B $160 ($40 per person).

Fried Beef Salad

For our entree, we opt for the fried beef salad over the beef rib salad. Coated in tempura which could be more crisp, on a generous bed of salad.

Wagyu Scotch Fillet, Wagyu Oyster Blade, Beef Rib Fillet

A variety of cut meats which our server cooks for us. The steel plate heats up quickly and cooks fast. However I find that I much rather Hwa Ro or Bab & 92 where it can be slightly pricier or Izakaya Chuji, where the meats are cooked on a thin wide netting over hot glowing coals - there is a gorgeous char and a smoky fragrance to the meats.

Marinated Beef Ribs

Spicy Kimchi Hotpot

We opt for the spicy hotpot over the soy bean hotpot, which has a mild kick.

Steamed Black Rice & Little Dishes

Blackberry Panna Cotta

Green Tea Ice-Cream

I love green tea ice cream, and ending with a cold and creamy sweet treat after hot barbequed meats and spicy kimchi. It couldn’t get any better.

Green Tea Tiramisu

Other than my personal preference for the cooking apparatus which I feel doesn’t bring the full flavour out of the meat, Guhng is buzzing, service is attentive and well suited to large groups. 

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