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Shark fin.

Shark Fin Inn
52 Little Bourke Street

Shark Fin is one of my favourite places for Chinese dinners, alongside Crystal Jade. Maybe because I’ve always lived near the city, I rarely venture out into the suburbs for Chinese food at night. But I’m fond of the selection of dishes they have at Shark Fin and Crystal Jade. 

Duck Tongue & Jellyfish

Both served cold, the jellyfish is crunchy and fresh.

Peking Duck

Crispy skin, but the pancake is a little thick.

The prawns were every bit as crunchy and sweet as they looked, in a fragrant stir-fry with ginger and scallions.

Black pepper steak with plenty of sizzle.

Similar to the prawn stir fry, but with noodles, which have a lovely bite and taste delicious. It’s so good we order an identical portion as soon as it goes.

The steamed fish is fresh and succulent, with coriander, scallion and soy.

A vegetable, beancurd and mushroom pot.

I’ve been to Shark Fin House a few times, and even though they are under the Shark Fin Group, Shark Fin Inn is still my pick, yes it’s the one between Spring and Exhibition.

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