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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com


Basement 407-409 Swanston Street

Joomak, with the most obscure of entrances. One you would barely notice if you hadn’t known where to look. But tucked away across from RMIT is this hidden gem, complete with private little darkened booths.

Mango Rice Wine ($19)

Their drinks are a real crowd-pleaser.  

I adore the rice wine. It’s unexpected and has a foamy consistency. But it’s soothing, fragrant and sweet.

Peach Soju ($17)

In comparison, my usual favourite, the soju seemed harsh in comparison.

Seafood Pancake ($17)

I’m not fond of okonomiyaki, nor am I fond of Korean pancakes. This didn’t convert me. But I did like the little dishes, who can resist kimchi.

Cheese Egg Roll with Fish Roe ($13)

Simple layers of egg, but I couldn’t discern any fish roe.

Pan Fried Pork (Mild) ($22)

I come back for this dish, and this dish alone. It’s tender, laced with fat and juicy. I confess, pork is never my first pick but this leaves you wanting more after each bite.

Beef Bulgogi in Hot Pot ($15)

The beef felt a little dry after sampling the soft juicy pork.

Most of the dishes I sampled didn’t win me over but armed with my mango rice wine and pan-fried pork, I feel safe to return again and again.

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G12 Korean Melbourne CBD Food Dine
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