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Giant Steps // Innocent Bystander
336 Maroondah Highway

Is there anything that this marvellous place doesn’t do?

Tempting selection of cheeses, blues and whites.

Roasting their own coffee beans, which they are happy to grind up upon request.

House-made freshly baked bread.

To its wines. We couldn’t go past the bubbly Moscato which was quite light and refreshing.

There is plenty to see and taste from the moment you step in.

Hidden behind the giant glass is where all the wine making takes place. They conduct wine tastings and tours of the winery at 11am and 3pm daily.

All the other delights aside, the Bistro itself is a stand out.

House baked organic sourdough, served with Mt Zero Olive Oil & Murray River Salt

Hot Chocolate - Kennedy & Wilson 70% Dark, Valrhona ($5.5)

Absolutely living up to the description, you can taste the quality of the chocolate, the intensity and richness of the hot chocolate does not detract from the lightness as it goes down your throat.

Iced Chocolate with Rickets Point Ice Cream ($7.5)

Just as good as the hot chocolate, with an added creaminess.

Duck and Mushroom Pie with Roasted Carrot Puree & Cabbage, Sherry Soaked Raisins & Hazelnut Salad ($38)

I had envisioned a rustic home made pie but this. was. fantastic. I could have polished that off single-handedly. Cutting through the thin golden pastry, first you’re hit with this fragrant aroma, and out tumbles this delicate blend of piping hot, moist tender duck shreds with finely diced juicy mushrooms. Everything just works well with the dish, the pie went beautifully with the sweetness of the puree.

Roast Lamb Rump with Summer Vegetable Ratatouille,  Organic Mt Zero Chickpeas, Tahini’s Sheep Yoghurt & Herb Salad ($35)

The accompaniments were quite light, well suited to the heavier lamb rump, which I wished was juicier. 

Four Cheese Pizza -  Fontina, Asagio, Buffalo Mozzarella, Cravero Parmesan & Roast Garlic ($23)

The first dish to come out - the base was paper thin and the crust was crispy, and the four cheeses with roast garlic could not have been more enticing. It smelt warm and rich and inviting, and the taste was even better. 

Prosciutto, San Marzano Tomato, Cravero Parmesan & Parsley ($24)

They don’t do things half-hearted. You want pizzas, they’ll cook it with their wood-fired oven. They offer cheeses, from their cheese room. If you’re going to sample their wines and pick up a bottle or two, they’re going to make sure their own winery is on full display with tours. If you want house-baked bread, they’ll make sure the bakers are hard at work baking it while you are there. And most importantly, simple and good food. 

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