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Miss Marple’s Tea Room
382 Mount Dandenong Tourist Road

We stopped by Miss Marple’s intending to get some scones. I had mistaken it for a place we came by a few years back. We couldn’t recognise the exterior when we arrived, but I have heard the name tossed around a fair bit where scones are concerned. There was an hour and a half wait, so we wandered over to Cafe de Beaumarchais for a bite while we waited.

Miss Marple was still packed when they gave us a table. There was a real homey feel and the interior was strewn with christmas decorations.

Homemade raspberry jam and freshly whipped cream

The raspberry jam was too sweet, lacking the tang it desperately needed.

Plain & Fruit Scone

The scones were steaming hot and quite soft. Visually, it wasn’t what we expected. It seemed like they were compensating for the constant flow of customers by compromising on the quality of the scones - making them larger than usual and slicing them up. The texture resembled that of a cake.

Soup “Hot & Hearty” 

With a Crusty Roll

The homemade mushroom soup felt like a must try. But it was on the starchy side, and I felt it had more potato flavour than mushroom flavours. I just expected a lot more given it was homemade.

The continuous unloading of tourist buses may be a reason for the commerciality and less than wholesome food. Tables are positively packed, but after trying what little we did, I was quite thankful this wasn’t our first stop of the day. The scone had nothing on this beautiful housemade scone we had in Seymour - freshly made by the loveliest little old lady on the way up to the snow.

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