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Bella Vedere
874 Maroondah Highway

Bella Vedere is perhaps one of the most idyllic and ideal spots for lunch after a visit to the wineries. It’s beautiful and quaint, with delicious heartwarming Italian food - precisely what we had in mind.

With an array of gorgeous house-baked sweet treats,

for your viewing pleasure as you await to be seated.

House baked bread waiting to be covered in the creamy and dreamy.

Badger’s Brook Winery is located right next to Bella Vedere, ready for you to pick up where you left off.

Squid Ink Tonnarelli with Calamari, Fiorelli, Tomato & White Wine ($20)

I am in love. Tender perfectly cooked slender calamari curls entwined in narrow twirly strands of squid ink pasta, coated in a intense and rich tomato base. This was surprisingly light and incredibly more-ish.

Grilled Spare Ribs with Yoghurt & Lemon ($38)

I’ve had my fair share of dismal spare ribs, but persistence pays off, the ribs smelt heavenly and did not disappoint in taste. They were juicy and easily fell off the bone.

Our first mistake was having had lunch at Yering Station, our second mistake was stopping for a quick afternoon tea. I wanted to sample everything on the menu.

This may possibly be my one and only stop for lunch whenever I’m in the region.

Word to the wise, make your reservation for the early seating. We arrived close to 3, and there was barely half to a quarter left of each cake trifle pudding and treat alike.  We also missed out on one of the specials of the day, the one dish everyone unanimously wanted in on - a sublime sounding Risotto of Crayfish with White & Green Asparagus, Parmesan & Black Truffle. I wouldn’t wish our dismay upon anyone.

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