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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

Dream house.

30 Jacka Blvd
St Kilda

Ever since the Brix, I have yearned for another to captivate and seduce me. My wish has been granted - it is far too easy to fall in love with Stokehouse.

Perhaps a little naughty of me. My love affair with the Brix is barely 2 months old, and here I am, giving my heart to another.

I can’t help it. Stokehouse is simply gorgeous in the evening. The sun streams in through the glass windows, highlighting the beautiful white wooden panels and casts a golden glow within.

The views out on the deck beneath the orange and white striped canopies exude romance, the perfect setting for a drink for two before dinner, as you watch the sun set amid purple and pink hued skies.

Stokehouse ticks all the boxes. Effortlessly charming with a Hamptons feel about it. The courses were a thoughtful match, immaculately plated. I was particularly enchanted by the starters, all of which I adored equally.

The creamy butter glided onto the bread with ease. Luxuriously smooth, my butter senses were tingling - a reassuring sign that a promising night lay ahead. There are signs people look to, to gauge their expectations. My pat of butter tells me everything I need to know about the night.

Zucchini, garlic and goat’s cheese agnolotti, Zucchini flowers, Golden Raisins & Ricotta Salata ($23.5)

The little agnolotti parcels were remarkably good, coated in a flavourful sauce. The pasta itself was beautifully cooked and well proportioned. It melted away with the creamy filling within, topped with generous shavings of ricotta which have been salted pressed and dried. The crisp zucchini flowers were fantastic. 

Roast Magret Duck Breast, Foie Gras Mousse, Grilled Ox Tongue, Peach & Fennel Salad ($27.5)

The duck breast was enticingly pink and fragrant, accompanied with creamy foie gras mousse. The ox tongue slivers were tender with char lines running neatly across. The sweetness of the peach and fennel salad cut through the rich mousse.

Beef Tartare, Pickled Shimeji Mushrooms, Horseradish Cream, Rye Toast & Tarragon Emulsion ($25.5)

The beef tartare was melt in your mouth exquisite, as were the juicy mushrooms and the dollops of creams and emulsions.

Seared Atlantic Scallops, Ruby Grapefruit, Walnut & Witlof Salad, Parsnip Puree & Chickpea Cress ($28.5)

Juicy fleshy scallops, seared just past the point of translucency, accompanied with tangy grapefruit bites and a light parsnip puree.

Oven baked John Dory Fillets, White Anchovy, Champagne & Chervil Butter & Baby Leeks ($42.5)

With the understanding that this was a dish to be shared, our server kindly presented us with two identical plates, hence the delicate portion. The fillets were fresh and firm, with slippery white anchovy in a light buttery pool.

Blue swimmer crab and bug risotto, Peas, Basil & Lemon Mascarpone ($37.5)

Cooked beautifully, with juicy fresh crab and bug morsels, the sweetness of the seafood enhanced by the peas. The lemon mascarpone does not overpower and is barely noticeable.

AAco Darling Downs (Qld) 200gm Wagyu Rump Cap Marble Score 7+ ($48.5)

Both the wagyu rump and the tenderloin are coated in a herb, gruyere and peppercorn crust and a potato gratin accompaniment. Both cuts hold their own and it is hard to determine a clear winner, aside from personal preference. The marbling of the rump is showcased and delivers as promised. The heady seductive flavour and taste of the Wagyu rump is unmistakeable, tender and pink at medium. 

Hopkins River (VIC) 220gm Pasture Fed Angus Beef Tenderloin ($49.5)

Despite not being Wagyu-bred, the tenderloin, medium rare, more than makes up for it in juiciness. Soft and pink, I’ll admit I expected the grass fed tenderloin to melt in my mouth, which it didn’t.

The rhubarb, violet & rose geranium Eton mess reads like a dream as does the soft chocolate torte with praline crunch.

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